News from Native California

Volume 31, No. 2 (Winter 2018)

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An inside view of the California Indian World

Published by Heyday, News from Native California is a unique quarterly magazine devoted to the Indian people of California. Written and produced by California Indians and those close to the community, News provides an intimate portrait of traditional and contemporary tribal culture.

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“[A] full-fledged magazine focusing on the arts, education, the law, culture, language, [and] botany…, [News] probably has the widest literacy range of any periodical in the Western Hemisphere.”—Los Angeles Times

“The first and only journal for California Indian peoples, a network where we can talk with one another about our individual and common political concerns, News from Native California has been and continues to be our intertribal hotline.”—Greg Sarris, Tribal Chair, Federated Indians of Graton Rancheria