Not just pretty pictures—Tim Palmer’s Rivers of California seeks to save the planet

Tim Palmer’s upcoming Rivers of California: Nature’s Lifelines in the Golden State (to be published in August 2010) is a testament to the beauty and vital importance of California’s network of rivers (amounting to 194,000 miles—more than in any other state besides Alaska). Palmer’s lush photographs evoke feelings of awe and excitement, while his text awakens a will to protect these precious landscapes.

Palmer argues that while California is a land of many terrains, the rivers are the natural element that unites and nourishes them. Highlighting the catastrophic effects of industrialization and urbanization on the rivers’ ecosystems, Palmer seeks to instill a sense of urgency in his readers while simultaneously inspiring them. More specifically, Palmer alerts readers to the alarming struggle of the 123 endangered species of native freshwater fish and of the predators that live off of them (including the iconic bald eagle), in an attempt to launch Californians into the race to save the rivers.

In the promotional video below Palmer paddles down the Smith River in Northern California (also photographed in his book), which due to its clear water is one of few rivers that still harbor salmon and steelhead.


  1. It sounds intersting, rivers are such an important aspect of our ecosystem. I’m looking forward to seeing this book out in bookstores. I can think of many people I’d like to give this book to.

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