Pacific Pup: The California Coast According to Annette

Just Doodle it.
Sometimes when I decide I want to do some sketching I have trouble getting started. When I’m out on a hike there are usually so many things that grab my attention. How do I choose what to sketch? Where do I even begin? Oftentimes I feel overwhelmed and get stuck in a rut. When this happens, I have to take a step back and change my perspective slightly. Sketches don’t have to be all-inclusive. Sometimes I’ll pick one thing that catches my eye. It can be as small as one leaf from a tree or one single feather I find. Or sometimes I’ll just paint different colors that I see in my environment in little squares, or in no specific shape at all. This can help set the mood of the sketch, or just be a simple study of color.
If I really can’t make up my mind, I like to just doodle. This may sound silly or unproductive, but It really helps clear my mind and loosens up my hand if I’m feeling tense or apprehensive. Doodles can be really spontaneous, with innovations that turn out to be useful later on, in sketches. They can be personal, graphic, or silly. In my opinion, any kind of mark on a blank paper means progress.
See you at the beach!
Annette Filice
(Scientific Illustrator Intern)

Sketch Notes:
Every so often I feel really hesitant and overwhelmed before I start sketching. Mindless doodling and color studies help me relax and clear my mind before I start to draw. I didn’t have any particular kind of fish in mind here. I just let my imagination take over and didn’t give myself any rules.