Marni Fylling

Marni Fylling has been enchanted by the natural world for as long as she can remember, finding her earliest inspirations in her urban backyard and her dad’s college biology textbook. She studied zoology at UC Davis and natural science illustration at UC Santa Cruz. A science illustrator, writer, and educator, her favorite activity is exploring tide pools, although sketching insects and wildflowers (or just about anything else) is a close second. Her first book with Heyday, Fylling’s Illustrated Guide to Pacific Coast Tide Pools, has sold over 11,000 copies since its publication in 2015.

Past Events

Marni Fylling at the Natural Bridges State Beach Visitor Center

Saturday Jul 23 2016   4:00 PM
Natural Bridges State Beach Visitor Center  2531 W Cliff Dr, Santa Cruz, CA  map

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