Raymond Chandler’s The High Window on Second Life

Heyday and Santa Clara University started a partnership close to 10 years ago—California Legacy—to raise public awareness and appreciation for California’s cultural legacy. Heyday’s California Legacy imprint now has over 30 books; our comrades down in Santa Clara, meanwhile, have taken California Legacy to new realms. Not only do they have a radio show on KAZU 90.3 FM, they are on Second Life and are releasing a series of virtual-reality staged reenactments of iconic California stories.

Check out their first episode, which is based on a passage from The High Window by Raymond Chandler. The passage begins, “Bunker Hill is old town, lost town, shabby town, crook town.” Very atmospheric. The word on the street is 4 more episodes will be released this month.

CORRECTION: The next 4 episodes will be released around one per month. We’ve gotten word that the second one will be a Mary Austin piece… Stay tuned!


  1. Bernhard Drax says:

    thank you for the good words! since we have about 400 radio segments lying around, there is plenty of work ahead in Second Life, hahaha……by the way: the sets will stay up for a while, it is always nice to meet someone new in-world and discuss literature (or other matters) while fully immersed (engulfed?) in the chapter of a good book…