Riverbig in the Chronicle & BookDragon


Terry Hong, media arts consultant for the Smithsonian Asian Pacific Program, wrote a nice review of Riverbig, which ran in the San Francisco Chronicle last week. We’re honored not only because she wrote well of the book, but also because the review will live in her blog, BookDragon. In this blog, Terry organizes her reviews by ethnic category: Filipino, Filipino American, Japanese, and so on. She writes about books outside the Asian Pacific American categories (as Riverbig demonstrates), as well, but her blog is an incredibly rich resource for anyone interested in Asian literature.


  1. Terry Hong says

    Well, if I could blush virtually, this typeface would be pink! Thanks so much for visiting my blog — and even listing it as one your “Blogs We Like” links. WOW!!

    If anyone out there wants more information about the Smithsonian Asian Pacific American Program here at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, DC, please visit us online at wwww.apa.si.edu. And make sure to check out our Public Programs, too … we’ll hope to meet you livetime at one of our many events!

    Thanks, again!