Social Media for the Heyday Follower

In an effort to reach out to our loyal followers and readers, Heyday has hopped on the social media networking train. We are finding lots of ways to reach out to you through internet tools-such as Facebook, Twitter, and even this blog!

Facebook allows us to display tons of Heyday information in a unique and creative format. Our Facebook page includes sections for Noteworthy Books, Events, Heyday History, Giveaways, and links to other articles happening in the publishing world. Through Facebook, we have been able to put Heyday at your fingertips through the selections of valuable tools and links in one spot. And hopefully, we will start putting up pictures from events we hold so that those who had to miss out on them can see for themselves what Heyday is all about. With millions of people on Facebook, Heyday supporters only have room to grow!

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Our Twitter page is constantly updated by Heyday employees about publishing industry news, events, and of course our books. It is chalk full of links to outside articles and videos from many different people within the publishing industry and Heyday community. This social media tool is excellent for internet savvy individuals who want to stay up to date on what we are working on and what is influencing us from outside the Heyday realm. And if you follow closely enough you could get lucky and receive a free copy of one of our books!

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So come on and join us as we expand our horizons and bring you Heyday’s current news!