Southern California Luiseño Baskets: A Study of Seventy-Six Luiseño Baskets in the Riverside Municipal Museum Collection

Hardcover, 8.75 x 11.5,
114 pages, with 138 sepia
and full-color photographs.
ISBN: 9780976149217.

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By Justin F. Farmer

Seventy-six baskets show off the skill and sophistication of Southern Luiseño and Soboba basket weavers and beauty of their art. Farmer comments upon each basket’s material composition; its pattern motif, whether subtle or stunningly intricate; and its probable use, such as for cooking, winnowing chaff from seeds, or playing dice games. A thorough introduction to common basketry techniques deepens our appreciation of the baskets as art objects and provides insight into the enduring culture of the Southern Luiseño people.


Justin Farmer, an Ipai basket weaver, collector, scholar, and cultural activist, has long been a fountain of knowledge and a seemingly inexhaustible reservoir of humor and (sometimes) good jokes. Justin is a cherished friend, and Heyday is pleased that he has allowed us to handle the distribution of three of his books.