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Our 45th Year

What a moment for Heyday: Entering our 45th year as one of California’s most distinguished independent publishers, we are replanting our roots in Berkeley at a new headquarters on San Pablo Avenue, while expanding our reach in a partnership for national (and even international) distribution with Publishers Group West/Ingram.

Our distribution deal means that books like Obi Kaufmann’s forthcoming State of Water and State of Fire, following the continued success of his California Field Atlas, and Greg Sarris’s How a Mountain Was Made, inspired by origin stories from the Coast Miwok Indians, will get into the hands of more readers no matter where they live. Heyday is in a unique position to connect readers everywhere to our home state. In the coming year, we also aim to double down on our Fighting for Justice series for younger readers that builds on Fred Korematsu’s story with a second title, Biddy Mason Speaks Up by Arisa White and Laura Atkins.

We still need you. Book sales alone do not cover Heyday’s most ambitious projects. Your support does.

Please consider supporting us as we cut through the noise of the culture and gain attention for deserving work. Your gift will allow us to publish books of the highest quality, bringing new and ever more diverse authors into the Heyday family, and continuing conversations about the issues that define and beset our beautiful state.

Thank you for renewing your commitment to independent publishing and for helping to shape Heyday’s next half century.

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Our donors help Heyday thrive as a nonprofit. For other ways to connect, please visit our Get Involved page.

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John Harris; Francine Hartman and Chris De Marco, in honor of Malcolm Margolin; Edith Hartshorne; Anna Hawken; Ken Hedges; Judy and Gary Heesacker; Deirdre Henderson; Thomas and Faye Hendricks, in memory of Mabel McKay; Marianne Hinckle; Leanne Hinton and Gary Scott; Anastasia Hobbet, in honor of The Peregrine Team in Pine Canyon; Sheridan Hough; Kathy Huff; Sheila and Dr. Michael Humphreys, in memory of Mike McCone; Ira Jacknis; Jerald Johnson; David Kabrin; Richard Kahlenberg and Hermine Garcia, in honor of Malcolm Margolin; Ann Kendall; Charles Kennard; Brian Kenny; Stephen Kerford; John King; Ann King Smith; Janice Klein; Henry and Karen Koerper; Mirabelle Korn; Rebecca Kugel and Lawrence Goldstein; Beverly and James Lane; Scott Lankford; David Larsen; Bernard and Josie Le Roy; Lorraine Lerner; Michael Lewis and Donald Kairott, in honor of Dorothy Martinez-K; Victoria Lilienthal; Jeffrey Lindemann; Stephen and Linda Lustig; Julie Lytle; Robert Macfarlane, in memory of Mike McCone; Johnny Mah; Robert Manlove; Loyda Marquez; Kimberly and Kevin Marshall; Dorothy Martinez-K, in honor of the life and work of Dugan Aguilar; Beckie Masaki; Pamela Mendelsohn; Carolyn and Donald Miller; Jerry and Ellen Miller; Juliane and James Monroe; Christine Mueller, in memory of Mike McCone; Jonathan Mueller; Joan Musante; Genevieve Nauman; Davia Nelson; Vivian and Jay Nelson; Viet Thanh Nguyen; Ruth Nolan; Judy Olasov; Chizuko Omori; Emiko Omori; Karen Ortiz, in honor of Beverly Ortiz; Brooke Parr; Miriam Pawel; Raphael Peck; Elizabeth Peña; Robyn Peterson, in honor of Malcolm Margolin; Frances Phillips; Leonard Pitt; Tony Platt; Jean and Gary Pokorny; Benjamin Porter; Mary and Adrian Praetzellis; Polly Quick; John Saenz and Naomi Quinonez; Elvira Ramos; Jean Ray; Justin and Sarah Regnier; Richard and Joan Reinhardt, in honor of Malcolm Margolin; Bruce Riordan; Barbara Risling, in memory of Vivian Hailstone; Lyn Risling and Julian Lang; Lennie and Mike Roberts; Carla Rodriguez; Adolph Rosekrans, in memory of Mike McCone; Ruth Rosen; Kate Rosenberger; Andy Ross; Frank Rubenfeld and Susan Meller; Wendy Ruebman; John Saenz and Naomi Quinonez; Deborah Sanchez; Sharanjit Sandhu; Marianne Schulman, in memory of Mike McCone; Charlie Schuman; T.M. 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We would like to express our gratitude for the critical support we have received from foundations and other supporting organizations. Our partners include:

Anonymous (2); Arkay Foundation; The Richard D. Baum & Susanne C. Baum Philanthropic Fund; Bay Crossings; BayTree Fund; Berkeley Civic Arts Program; California Arts Council; California Historical Society; California Humanities; California State Library; The Campbell Foundation; John and Nancy Cassidy Family Foundation; Chicana Latina Foundation; The Christensen Fund; Federated Indians of Graton Rancheria; Furthermore: a program of the J. M. Kaplan Fund; Walter & Elise Haas Fund; Hearst Corporation; Humboldt Area Foundation; The James Irvine Foundation; Kalliopeia Foundation; Lagunitas Brewing Company; Larson Family Winery; Lear Family Foundation; LOLA Wines; The Jonathan Logan Family Foundation; Matthew London and Sylvia Wen Gaia Fund; Manzanar History Association; Moore Family Foundation; National Park Service; The Nature Conservancy; The Ralph M. Parsons Foundation; Rim of the World Interpretive Association; San Francisco Heritage; San Manuel Band of Mission Indians; Save the Redwoods League; Sierra College Press; The Streisand Foundation; Tappan Foundation; Tiphane Foundation; The Roger J. and Madeleine Traynor Foundation; and Tribal Alliance of Sovereign Indian Nations.