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Heyday in 2020

Heyday is reaching new heights, especially now that the books we publish are available from shore to shore, thanks to our year-old distribution partnership with Publishers Group West. Among the new titles Heyday is bringing out are Redress: The Inside Story of the Successful Campaign for Japanese American Reparations by John Tateishi, a principal organizer of this improbable effort; My Country ‘Tis of Thee by David Harris, an American hero who went to prison for his peaceful opposition to the Vietnam War; and How to Teach Nature Journaling, a comprehensive guide by John Muir Laws and Emilie Lygren. We are also beginning to collect into a book the selected writings of Heyday’s own Malcolm Margolin, a companion volume to his landmark The Ohlone Way.

We still need you. Sales alone do not cover Heyday’s most ambitious projects. Your support does. With you, our work gets exponentially stronger, enabling us to publish important books of the highest quality and sponsor events that deepen civic engagement. Thank you for making each endeavor possible.

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Our donors help Heyday thrive as a nonprofit. We are enormously grateful for the generous funding we receive for our publications and programs from individuals:

$10,000+  Anonymous; Joan Bingham; Anne R. Blackman; Edwin Blue; Tom Dalzell; Helen and Raj Desai; Richard and Gretchen Evans; Whitney Green; Lynn and Jeffrey Horowitz; Zachary Karabell; Guy Lampard and Suzanne Badenhoop, in honor of Nettie Hoge and Marty Krasney; T.M. Scruggs; Guy Tiphane; Michael and Shirley Traynor, in honor of the Heyday Staff; and Katrina vanden Heuvel and Stephen F. Cohen.

$5,000–$9,999  Anonymous; Andree Abecassis; Richard and Rickie Ann Baum; Angela Davis; Daniel Grossman and Dr. Catherine Kennedy; Catherine Kanner; Marty Krasney; John Muir Laws and Cybele Renault; Thomas Lockard and Alix Marduel; Nion McEvoy and Leslie Berriman; Judy Mistelske-Anklam and William Anklam; Samantha Sanderson and Charles Cammack; Guy and Jeanine Saperstein; Greg Sarris; Sherry Wasserman and Clayton F. Johnson; Peter Wiley; and Jan Zaitlin.

$1,000–$4,999  Anonymous; Denny Abrams; John Atwood, in memory of Jeanne Carevic; Judy Avery; Joan Berman; Beatrice Bowles; Rena Bransten; Tom Cole and Mary Poxon; Judy Collins, in honor of Barbara Dane; Lawrence Crooks; Bruce De Benedictis and Caroline Kim; Frances Dinkelspiel and Gary Wayne; Bob Dylan, in honor of Barbara Dane; Art Eckstein and Judy Gumbo; Don and Dale Franzen; Ruth Friend and James Hirst; Daniel Goldberg, in honor of Barbara Dane; Wanda Graves and Stephen Duscha; Adam and Arlie Hochschild; Nettie Hoge; Michael Horn, in memory of Gary Horn; Ralph Lewin; Judith Lowry-Croul and Brad Croul; Praveen Madan and Christin Evans; Derek Madden; Malcolm and Rina Margolin; Thomas Middleton; Becky and Michael O’Malley; Eddie and Amy Orton; Susan Philpot; George Rehm and Holly Doyne; Alan Rosenus; Allan and Phyllis Sorensen; Oliver Stone, in honor of Daniel Ellsberg; Elizabeth Sweezy and Ken Miller; Miye Takagi; Jonathan Taplin; Johanna Vondeling; Dr. Al Wasserman and Ann Dragoon-Wasserman; Lucinda Watson; Steve Wax and Teresa Book; Cathleen Williams and Mark Merin; and Charles Wollenberg.

$500–$999  Anonymous; Pedro Arce and Mark Weisman; Kim Bancroft, in memory of Pete Bancroft; Jean and Fred Berensmeier; Donald Brenneis; John Briscoe; Cindy Roberts Burbank; Lewis Butler and Catherine Armsden; Nancy and Andy Carson; John and Nancy Cassidy; Susan Cervantes; Santos Raoul Chacon; H. Dwight Damon, in memory of Jim Houston; Jack Davis; Lucille Lang Day; Michael Dieden and Dana Gluckstein; Patricia Dixon; Mickey Ellinger and Scott Braley; John Emerson; Marilee Enge and George Frost; Verona Fonte; Cheri Forrester and David Harris; Bruce Gilbert; Betty Goerke; Nicola Gordon; Monika Greenleaf; Nathan Grossman and Carolina Ragolta Grossman; L. John Harris; Michael Healy and Joan Van Horn; Anthony Heilbut; Jason Herrington and Lauren Richardson; Leanne Hinton and Gary Scott; Gail Kennedy and Tim Barabe; Marc Libarle; Travis Lowe; Tomasita Medál; Sarah Newton and David Wilson; Brooke Oliver; Michael Pfeffer; Amy and Mark Plevin; Linda Ronstadt, in honor of Barbara Dane; Susan Rosenberg; Eric Rosenblum and Mina Liu; Sylvia Ross; Patrick Stadille; Roselyne Swig; Sonia Tamez and Kenneth Whistler; Jane Tobin, in honor of Emily Grossman; Sharon Tsao; Sally and Frederic Tubach; William and Frances Tweed; Lydia Villarreal; Alice Waters; Gillian Welch; and Bobby Winston.

$100–$499  Anonymous (4); Susan Aaron and Steven Sherman; Steve and Carlene Abbors; Elizabeth Aguilar; Donna Allen; Adelina Alva-Padilla; Lee and Ann Andersen; Susan Anderson; Sonja Armour; James and Rebecca Austin; Thomas Austin; Bob Baldock and Kathleen Weaver; James Barter; Alice Bartholomew; Susanne Baum; Thomas and Lilian Beggs; Robert and Susan Benedetti; David Billings; Joanne Blokker; Nadine and Stephen Bowlus; Owsley Brown; Christopher Buckley; Megan Burns; Heather Cameron; Fred Canillo and Lynn Webb; John and Mary Caris; Luz and Rebecca Cervantes; Eunice Childs; David Chu; Pamela Clark; Rick Clarke; Diana Cohn and Craig Merrilees; Margaret Conkey; Linda Connor; Mimi Cook; Robert Cooter and Blair Dean; Eleanor Coppola; Frederick Crews; Christina Crowley; Claire Cummings and Richard McCombs; Barbara Dane; Pamela Darrow; Jeanette Davis; Joan Dayton; Janet Delaney; Kevin Denny; Ann DeRosa; Monica Desai-Henderson and Steve Henderson; Michael and Margaret Doherty; Anthony Dubovsky; Robbie Dunbar; Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz; Dr. Faith L. Duncan, in memory of Dennis Neill; Anastasia Edel; Barbara Eisenstein; Eric Elliott; Zette Emmons; Barbara Ertter; Peter Esmonde, in honor of the dedicated crew at Heyday; Mary Evans; Arthur Fabre; Glenn Farris and India Fleming; Bobbi Feyerabend; Christopher Fleming; Myrna Flores; Judith and Robert Flynn; Genevieve Fong; Helena Foster; Jutta and Gordon Frankie; Sue Gannon; Sally Garbarini; Deborah Garcia; Hermine Garcia, in memory of Richard Kahlenberg; Mary Gauthier; Christian Gerike; Sandy Gess; David Lance Goines; Susan Goldstein; Jennifer Gonzalez, in honor of Lewis Watts; Dr. Erica and Barry Goode; John Gossard; Claire Greensfelder; Janice Greppi and Carole Greppi Leone; Jan Griffin; Rebecca Grossman and Joseph Mezzatesta; Sherrin Grout and Donn Marinovich; Penny Ha; Jacqueline Hackel; Susan and Charles Halpern; Mary Ellen Hannibal; Noel Hanrahan; Edith Hartshorne; Bill Hawley and Susan Brandt-Hawley; Tim Heck; Judy and Gary Heesacker; Dana Hemphill; Deirdre Henderson; Thomas and Faye Hendricks; James Heron and Laurie Wyman-Heron; Kathy High; Dana Hoey; Sheridan Hough; Ira Jacknis, in memory of Frank LaPena; Ann Jastrab; Jerald Johnson; Bonnie Jones and Michael Satris; David Kabrin; Charles Kennard; Brian Kenny; John King; Ann King Smith; Rebecca Kugel and Lawrence Goldstein; David Larsen; May Leong; Lorraine Lerner; Jeffrey Lindemann; Norman Locks; Julie Lytle; Robert Macfarlane, in memory of Mike McCone; Steven Machtinger; Carol Maga; Johnny Mah; Greil and Jenny Marcus; Kate Marianchild; Loyda Marquez; Kimberly and Kevin Marshall; Dorothy Martinez-K, in memory of Dugan Aguilar; Beckie Masaki; Avram Miller; Jerry and Ellen Miller; Genevieve Nauman; Davia Nelson; Vivian and Jay Nelson; Chizuko Omori; Emiko Omori; Karen Ortiz; Brooke Parr; Robyn Peterson, in honor of Malcolm Margolin; Leonard Pitt; Tony Platt; Benjamin Porter; Pamela Prince; Lucy Puls; Polly Quick; Elvira Ramos; Jean Ray; Justin and Sarah Regnier; Richard and Joan Reinhardt, in honor of Malcolm Margolin; Melissa Riley; Barbara Risling, in memory of David Risling; Lyn Risling and Julian Lang; Lennie and Mike Roberts; Carla Rodriguez; Dharmishta Rood; Kate Rosenberger; Peter Rosenwald; Andy Ross; Frank Rubenfeld and Susan Meller; Wendy Ruebman; John Saenz and Naomi Quinonez; Deborah Sanchez; Sharanjit Sandhu; Robert Scheer and Narda Zacchino, in memory of Ida Kuran; Charlie Schuman; Gabrielle Selz; Helen Shiller; Daniel Siegel and Anne Weills; Dan Silver; Paul and Elizabeth Sittenfeld; Michael Smith; Carla Soracco and Donna Fong, in honor of Malcolm Margolin; Miranda Spang, in honor of Miranda Bergman; Martha Stampfer; Ken Stanton; Shirley Streshinsky; Diane Suda and Chris Coley; Henry Sultan; Billye and Lee Sutton; Toby Symington; Joe and Margie Talaugon; Chris Tarp; Joan Taylor; Hank Willis Thomas; Linda Thurston; Jane and Thomas Twaddell; Mitch Varhula; J.G. Waines; Tanis Walters; Margarette Wasow; Mary Wood; and Linda Yamane.

Institutional Partners

We would like to express our gratitude for critical support to Heyday from foundations and other organizations. Our partners include:

Anonymous; ACLU of Northern California; Akonadi Foundation; Another Planet Entertainment; ArtNow International; Bay Crossings; BayTree Fund; Berkeley Civic Arts Program; Bow Seat Ocean Awareness Programs; California Arts Council; California Historical Society; California Humanities; California State Library; The Campbell Foundation; The Candelaria Fund; Chicana Latina Foundation; The Christensen Fund; Creative Industry Law; Federated Indians of Graton Rancheria; Furthermore: a program of the J. M. Kaplan Fund; Walter & Elise Haas Fund; Hearst Corporation; Humboldt Area Foundation; The James Irvine Foundation; JKW Foundation; The Jonathan Logan Family Foundation; Matthew London and Sylvia Wen Gaia Fund; Manzanar History Association; Milligan Family Foundation; Miner Anderson Family Foundation; Moore Family Foundation; National Park Service; The Nature Conservancy; Phycological Society of America; The Ralph M. Parsons Foundation; San Francisco Heritage; San Manuel Band of Mission Indians; Save the Redwoods League; Sierra College Press; The Streisand Foundation; Tappan Foundation; Tiphane Foundation; The Roger J. and Madeleine Traynor Foundation; The Uplands Family Foundation; and The Women’s Building.

Planned Giving

As you make your will or estate plan, please consider including Heyday. You can make a lasting contribution to California’s cultural life, and your foresight will ensure Heyday is always here to amplify voices that might otherwise be lost or unheard. Each person’s financial considerations are different, and the laws applicable to estates and trusts vary from state to state, so please consult with an attorney or financial adviser with respect to any gifts you may wish to make. Our legal name is Heyday and our address is: P.O. Box 9145, Berkeley, CA 94709. We are a nonprofit corporation, tax ID # 94-3268357.

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