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$5,000+  Anonymous (2); Richard and Rickie Ann Baum; Edwin Blue; John Briscoe; Meera Desai; Chris Desser and Kirk Marckwald; Richard and Gretchen Evans; Whitney Green; Marty Krasney; Guy Lampard and Suzanne Badenhoop; Greg Sarris; Michael and Shirley Traynor, in honor of the Heyday Staff; Lucinda Watson; and Peter Wiley and Valerie Barth.

$1,000–$4,999  Anonymous (2); Judith and Phillip Auth; Judy Avery; Randy Bayard; Jean and Fred Berensmeier; Joan Berman; Nancy Bertelsen; Joan Bingham; Beatrice Bowles; Philip and Jamie Bowles; Peter Boyer and Terry Gamble Boyer; Lawrence Crooks; Frances Dinkelspiel and Gary Wayne; Steven Dinkelspiel; Tim Disney; Patricia Dixon; Gayle Embrey; Megan Fletcher, in honor of J.K. Dineen; Patrick Golden and Susan Overhauser; Wanda Graves and Stephen Duscha; Lizbeth Hasse; Penelope Hlavac; Nettie Hoge; Michael Horn, in memory of Gary Horn; Claudia Jurmain; Abigail Kreiss; Thomas Lockard and Alix Marduel; David Loeb; Judith Lowry-Croul and Brad Croul; Praveen Madan and Christin Evans; Joel Marcus; Malcolm and Rina Margolin; William, Karen, and John McClung; Michael McCone; Nion McEvoy and Leslie Berriman, in honor of Malcolm Margolin; Judy Mistelske-Anklam and William Anklam; Karen and Tom Mulvaney; Eddie Orton; Alan Rosenus; Roselyne Swig; Sherry Wasserman and Clayton F. Johnson; Al and Ann Wasserman; Mason and Wendy Willrich, in memory of Mike McCone; and Mina Witteman.

$500–$999 Anonymous; Donna Allen; John Atwood, in memory of Jeanne Carevic; Carol Baird and Alan Harper; Paul Bancroft; Teresa Book and Steve Wax, in memory of Saul Alinsky; John and Nancy Cassidy; Graham Chisholm; Steve Costa and Kate Levinson; Christina Crowley; H. Dwight Damon, in memory of Jim Houston; Bruce De Benedictis and Caroline Kim; Sandra Dijkstra; James Dodge; Nancy Donald; Sara Dutschke Setshwaelo; Genevieve Fong, in memory of Lourdes Fong and in support of Heyday’s move; Don and Dale Franzen; John Gage and Linda Schacht; Betty Goerke; Nicola Gordon; Anthea Hartig and John Swiecki; Anthony Heilbut; Carla Hills and Frank LaPena; Adam and Arlie Hochschild; Bruce and Susan Kelley; Carol Maga; Marshall McKay and Sharon Rogers McKay; Mark Murphy; Caren and Jim Quay; Melissa Riley; Susan Rosenberg; Barbara Snell, in memory of Chuck Snell; and Miye Takagi.

$100–$499 Steve and Carlene Abbors; Andree Abecassis; Douglas Allan; Lee and Ann Andersen; Nan Andrews; Anonymous (4); Pedro Arce; James and Rebecca Austin; Carrie Avery and Jon Tigar; Tania Balazs Jacard; Marilyn Bancel and Rik Myslewski, in honor of Malcolm Margolin; Alice Bartholomew; Bob Beckwith; Melanie Beene, in memory of Mike McCone; Lili and Tom Beggs; Robert and Susan Benedetti; Heidi Benson; Joel Bernstein; Leslie Bisno; Gary Bogue; Robert Boro; Robert and Daphne Bransten, in memory of Mike McCone; Terry Brejla; Lois Brown; Peter and Mimi Buckley; Christopher Buckley; Lewis H. Butler and Katherine Armsden; Bea Calo; Joanne Campbell; John and Mary Caris; Michael Carlisle; Jana and Richard Carp; Sean Carr; Terri Castaneda; Eunice Childs; Lisa and Barry Chin, in memory of Mike McCone; Adam Chin, in memory of Mike McCone; China Ching; David Chu; Pamela Clark; Carolyn Clinton; Mary Judith Coburn; Jesse Cool; Libby d’Hemery; Anna Darden; Lucille Day; Billie Day, in memory of Mike McCone; Ann DeRosa; James Dodge; Michael and Margaret Doherty; Tim Duane; Faith L. Duncan, in memory of Dennis Neill; Jeanette and Peter Dunckel; Jeanette and Peter Dunckel, in memory of Mike McCone; Alvin Duskin; Nina Else; Marilee Enge and George Frost; Glenn Farris and India Fleming; Charles and Jamy Faulhaber; Jutta and Gordon Frankie; Bill Fujimoto; Kate Gale; Deborah Garcia; Rudolph Geary; Ruth Gendler; Christian Gerike and Suzanne Stewart; John Gillis; Danny Goldberg; Gail and Marc Goldyne; Sherrin Grout and Donn Marinovich; Charles Haas and B.K. Moran; Kenji Hakuta and Nancy Goodban; Joell Hallowell; Mary Ellen Hannibal; Keith Harold Fisher; David and Jane Hartley; Francine Hartman and Chris De Marco; Gordon and Susan Hayashi; Ken Hedges; Thomas and Faye Hendricks; Barbara Holmes; Rick Hoskins and Lynne-Marie Frame; Sheridan Hough; Sheila and Michael Humphreys, in memory of Mike McCone; Rich and Krissy Ishimaru; Susan Ives; Ira Jacknis; Carolyn Jensen; Jerald Jay Johnson; Richard Kahlenberg and Hermine Garcia; Woolf Kanter; Charles Kennard; Jerry Kent; Charity Kenyon; Tom Killion; Ann King Smith; Louise Kinoshita; Janice Klein; Pei-Ru Ko; Henry and Karen Koerper; Rebecca Kugel and Lawrence Goldstein; Beverly and James Lane; David Larsen; Cybele Renault and John Laws; Bernard and Josie Le Roy; Rebecca LeGates and Jonathan Root; Vicki Gold Levi; Ralph Lewin; Michael Lewis and Donald Kairott, in honor of Dorothy Martinez-K; Jeannie Linder; Steve and Linda Lustig; Julie Lytle; Ben Madley; Johnny Mah; Robert Manlove; Susan Marchant; Loyda Marquez; Laura Martin; Dorothy Martinez, in honor of Diane Thackeray; Dorothy Martinez, in honor of Jane Holzmann; Dorothy Martinez; Libby Maynard, in honor of Malcolm Margolin; Nini McCone and Jim Hammond; Knox and Carlotta Mellon, in honor of Malcolm Margolin; Jerry and Ellen Miller; Carolyn and Donald Miller; Marie and Steven Monrad; Michael Moratto and Kathleen Boone; Robert Moriguchi; Deborah Moskowitz; Christine Mueller, in memory of Mike McCone; Joan Musante; Genevieve Nauman; Vivian and Jay Nelson; Bill Newlin; Sarah Newton and David Wilson; Christine Nielson; Ruth Nolan; Ethan Nosowsky; Judy Olasov; Emiko Omori; Karen Ortiz; Stephanie Pearl; Raphael Peck; Pam Penner; Marsha Peralta, in memory of Lytton J. Hitchcock; Robyn Peterson, in honor of Malcolm Margolin; Polly Quick; Jeff Raimundo and Rebecca LaVally; Mary Reed, in honor of Florence and Wes Thieleke; Rhonda Rios Kravitz and Stephen Wirtz; Lyn Risling and Julian Lang; Lennie and Mike Roberts; Lorraine Rominger; Stephen and Emma Root; Stephen and Emma Root, in honor of Mira LeGates and Elaina Root; Adolph Rosekrans, in memory of Mike McCone; Ruth Rosen; Sally and Toby Rosenblatt; Robert Henry and Wendy Ruebman; Jacqueline Ryle; Kristine Samuelson; Philip Schnayerson and Elizabeth Sher; Peter Schrag and Patricia Ternahan; Marianne Schulman, in memory of Mike McCone; T.M. Scruggs; Contee and Maggie Seely; Fred Setterberg and Ann Van Steenberg; Jason Sexton; Daniel Sheehy; Margot Sheffner, in honor of Malcolm Margolin; Karen Shinto; Daniel Siegel and Anne Weills; Martha Stampfer; Paul Stanley, in memory of Mike McCone; Jenepher Stowell; Diane Suda, in honor of Mariko Conner; Steve and Susan Swatt; Carole Takaki; Max and Phyllis Thelen, in memory of Mike McCone; Debbie Tom McCray; Karen Tsujimoto Lee and Mr. Bill Lee, in memory of Mike McCone; Michael Tucker and Margie Scott Tucker; Tom Turner and Mary Jorgensen, in honor of Malcolm; William and Frances Tweed; Lisa Van Cleef and Mark Gunson; Stevens Van Strum; J.G. Waines; Tanis Walters; Seymour Warkov; Bonnie Willdorf; Yoshiye Yamagiwa; Stan Yogi and David Carroll; Narda Zacchino and Robert Scheer; and Kristine Zeigler, in honor of Lindsie Bear.

Institutional Funders

Anonymous (2); Arkay Foundation; The Richard D. Baum & Susanne C. Baum Philanthropic Fund; BayTree Fund; Brandt-Hawley Law Group; California Historical Society; California Humanities; California State Library; The Campbell Foundation; John and Nancy Cassidy Family Foundation; The Christensen Fund; City of Berkeley; Federated Indians of Graton Rancheria; Walter & Elise Haas Fund; Humboldt Area Foundation; India Hicks; JiJi Foundation; Kalliopeia Foundation; Lear Family Foundation; Manzanar History Association; Moore Family Foundation; National Park Service; The Nature Conservancy; The Ralph M. Parsons Foundation; Rim of the World Interpretive Association; The San Francisco Foundation; San Manuel Band of Mission Indians; Save the Redwoods League; Tappan Foundation; Thendara Foundation; The Roger J. and Madeleine Traynor Foundation; and Tribal Alliance of Sovereign Indian Nations.