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Spring/Summer 2018 Update

At this year’s Bay Area Book Festival and Los Angeles Times Festival of Books, Heyday’s booth was buzzing. Festivalgoers had heard about Obi Kaufmann’s California Field Atlas, Laura Atkins and Stan Yogi’s Fred Korematsu Speaks Up, and many of our other titles—and they wanted copies for themselves. We could feel a palpable energy around Heyday and our ever-growing community of writers, readers, activists, and thinkers.

You are a vital part of this community. We want to thank you for your support, give an update on our work, and ask you to renew your generosity. A donation today will help strengthen Heyday’s four pillars:

Fighting Injustice: Fred Korematsu Speaks Up, now in its fourth big printing, continues to garner accolades including the Carter G. Woodson Award and Jane Addams Peace Association honors. Second in the “Fighting for Justice” series is Biddy Mason Speaks Up, coming next Black History Month. With the ACLU of Northern California and others on board to promote these books, we envision an enduring series that informs a successor generation of readers and citizens.

Honoring Nature: Still enjoying the thrilling success of The California Field Atlas, Heyday and author Obi Kaufmann are delighted to be doing four new books together. Heyday is also celebrating the centenary of our friends at Save the Redwoods League with a magnificent and lavish copublished volume, The Once and Future Forest, out in the fall.

Making History: Early next year we will publish a major revelatory memoir by Don Cox, recounting life inside the Black Panther Party’s high command, with the title—Just Another Nigger—he insisted on before his death. And from the Los Angeles Times Editorial Board comes Our National Disgrace: Homelessness in the City of Angels, another entry in our series of Heyday Broadsides.

Celebrating California Indian Cultural Renewal: News from Native California is thriving, and we are excited to publish Gordon Lee Johnson’s Bird Songs Don’t Lie in November. Also to be released soon, Coyote at the Big Time by Lyn Risling depicts a diversity of native traditions for young readers.

As summer approaches, we look forward to moving to our new headquarters at 1808 San Pablo Avenue in Berkeley. Our team eagerly awaits your visit this fall. Until then, thank you for considering a contribution to Heyday.

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