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A survey of perspectives on the renewal of the Spring Street Bridge, Under Spring is an interdisciplinary conversation of literary merit. Rosenberg’s assemblage of commentary has yielded a narrative marked by a mixing of registers that serve to contradict and sharpen one another. The format is reminiscent of a roundtable discussion, and the gathering of civilian slangs and anecdotal utterances alongside the commentary of urban planners and institutional voices shatters the univocality that monopolizes many traditional narratives, democratizing the act of storytelling just as the Under Spring project sought to democratize the space under a Los Angeles bridge. Angelenos of all walks of life collaborate to articulate the artistic and social transformation of a destitute urban space and its accompanying logistical considerations and public policy implications. A documentary-in-text, Under Spring is a composite of L.A. history–touching on the city’s identity, architecture, culture, gang wars, and homelessness, among other topics–and commentary on urban decay and rejuvenation at large.

Winner of the 2013 California Historical Society Book Award 

“A fascinating gathering of voices and stories–of people–trying to make home and make sense of a spot long in the shadows of metropolitan history. This is important work, as moving as it is thoughtful.” –William Deverell, director, Huntington-USC Institute on California and the West

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