Valley of Shadows and Dreams: DUMBO, Spring shows, Las Posadas

Valley of Shadows and Dreams continues to march forward. Like the parents of a small child, we are preparing the manuscript to go out into the world. After gestating for several years as Ken and Melanie Light shaped the work, the project was essentially born during our get-together three weeks ago. The introduction by Thomas Steinbeck, the field notes by Ken and Melanie, Melanie’s essay, and Ken’s photographs were all ordered and numbered. The cover image was chosen, printers were discussed, and a whole slew of production details were set into motion.

The next phase is to start letting the world know this project is on its way. As luck would have it, Photographer’s Forum magazine asked to interview Ken about his career, and, naturally, Valley of Shadows and Dreams got a bit of ink. We hope this is the first of many articles and reviews.

Also, the very first show for this project has been scheduled for March through May 2012 at Umbrage Editions, which produces high-quality visual books, traveling exhibitions, and multimedia projects. They are located in DUMBO in Brooklyn, the neighborhood in NYC where the most exciting creative work is being made and shown. We are very excited to have this project debut in NYC. And, if you happen to be there, or want to be put on a mailing list for more information about events related to the Valley of Shadows and Dreams, please contact

The photo we are featuring with this project update was taken by the Lights’ daughter, Allison, when she and Ken drove to the valley town of Lindsay to deliver gifts they had gathered up to help the community church celebrate Las Posadas, a nine-day celebration between December 16th and December 24th. Each night the neighborhood celebrates in a different home, and they reenact the events of the Nativity. In the Lindsay colonia of Tonyville, the celebration ends with Christmas gifts for the children. Each year, the organizers try to get as many gifts donated as they can, so the Lights were happy to pitch in and take up a collection in the Bay Area.

“Ken Light Photographing Christmas Posada While Working on Valley of Shadows and Dreams, Tonyville, California, 2007″ © Allison Light, 2007.