Virtual Dinner between Native People of California and Palestinians in Gaza to Occur April 23–May 3* at Heyday

First Virtual Dinner Guest Project for Native Peoples

What if the evening news were replaced with the evening conversation? Berkeley-based nonprofit publisher Heyday and News from Native California magazine are teaming up with The Virtual Dinner Guest Project to host a meal where Native people in California break bread with Palestinians in Gaza via Skype and talk about their worldviews.

The premise behind The Virtual Dinner Guest Project is simple: it’s much harder to ignore, vilify, or harm those with whom we have broken bread. The Virtual Dinner Guest Project has launched intercultural exchanges in the US, Mexico, Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, Tunisia, Jordan, Mongolia, Argentina, Gaza, Uganda, and Pakistan since 2011. Their events have been covered by the Christian Science Monitor, NPR, and in both Arabic and French regional press.

This Virtual Dinner, the first expressly for Native peoples, brings together Native Californians and Palestinians in Gaza. Five to seven guests will gather on each side of the monitor to share a meal (brunch in Berkeley, dinner in Gaza) and talk about their thoughts and misconceptions of one another’s regions. Questioning, frankness, and openness are encouraged, as a wide range of ages and political views will be represented.

The dinner will be filmed in both countries. Footage and still images of the dinner will be available for news outlets. Participants have also agreed to be available for interviews about their experience of the event. Press is welcome at this groundbreaking event.

*Please note: The Virtual Dinner Guest Project has secured a difficult-to-obtain invitation into Gaza for April 23 to May 3. Due to the political uncertainties of the region, the event will take place within that date range, but the actual date will not be known until one week before the event.