Walking in Beauty: Growing Up with the Yurok Indians

Paperback, 5.5 x 8.5,
85 pages, with ten black-
and-white photographs.
ISBN: 9780966416541.

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By Harry K. Roberts; Foreword by Thomas Buckley (aka Jokan Zenshin)

When Harry Roberts was a boy in the 1910s, he spent his summers at the mouth of the Klamath River, where his Irish American family was friends with the Yurok spiritual leader and cultural expert Robert Spott. As a child Harry played with the children of the Spott household, and when he entered adolescence he became Robert Spott’s close student: first to become a “real man,” meaning a person who lives in harmony with the law Be true to thyself, and then to make his high medicine as a counselor and teacher. This collection of stories, poems, photographs, and short essays is Harry’s account of the transformative years when he discovered himself and his purpose in life. Written with profound understanding and a sense of pure enjoyment of life and beauty, Harry’s lively recollections of Yurok culture and his admiration for “Uncle” Spott’s depth of wisdom will inspire readers along any spiritual path.

Published by the Press at Trinidad Art


Harry Roberts (1906–1981) was born in the East Bay, and he spent his childhood summers with family in the Yurok village of Requa. Through family friend Robert Spott and other Yurok elders, Roberts was trained in a traditional Yurok way until his early thirties, and ultimately he became a counselor and teacher.